Crazy Lady

Tami Green wrote:

I couldnt wait to blog about todays read…maybe because it sounded like ME!! I mean as far as the crazy goes. :^) The way I see it is, these people were praying like their life depended on it, not only their life but their childrens life. They were doing crazy things so that they would be healed, set free, they needed miracles in their life, ASAP!  Why not get that CRAZY about seeking God about our dreams, His desires for me and my family, pray the IMPOSSIBLE to the POSSIBLE!!! In the 40 Day Prayer Challenge today, Mark talked about the people who were going nuts just to touch the hem of His garment or climb a tree to get a glimpse of Jesus! Or what about the prostitute, who  by the people in the city, wasnt even worthy of coming to the Father! She didnt care what people were saying…she knew that if she could get to Jesus, He would handle it, even though she was a prostitute!  We should be so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us so much, that He doesnt make us clean up before coming to Him, He takes us as we are and knows our desparation! All that He asks in return, is to be CRAZY in love with Him! To go out on a limb, to do something that is very uncomfortable in order for our “Miracle”.  If God can answer the prayers of Noni, the Woman at the Well, the Leper (the list goes on) He can sure do for us! Lets get CRAZY! Walk on Gods wild side….let God do His thing and give HIM ALL the GLORY! Pray like your life depends on it!

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  1. Is there any “quit” in me? Is there any “quit” in you? Do we fall short of miracles because we don’t see results as quickly as we like? Or am I willing to draw a circle in the sand and say, “God, I am going to be obedient to Your Word and I will keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking until I hear from You, find You, and You open the doors to me” ?

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