Carpe Opportunitas!

Sieze the Opportunities!

Tami is a “first class noticer”.  Chemo therapy may have taken a toll on her memory which is kinda fun, because every time we watch an old favorite movie, it’s the first time for her, but if it has to do with decor or what someone wore, or most importantly what is important to people she’s observed, she can recall with vivid technicolor accuracy.

I need to be a lot more like her, but my prayer is that through this prayer challenge I will develop my spiritual eyesight to her level of keen observation.  We need so many answers right now in my business and in health of friends, like Carol Garlow and Colby Meister, and it seems each day I’m praying more and more circles that it is becoming overwhelming.  I’m so grateful that it is impossible for our God to be overwhelmed… that he hears every prayer and is large and in charge.

Carpe diem et votum

Sieze the day & pray!  watch for divine appointments and sieze the oportunities God places in our path.

Heart heavy today with burdens.  But oh so joyful over all of my valentines.  I love you each with my life!

Experience the joy of just being with them.

One thought on “Carpe Opportunitas!

  1. Ok God…you are AWESOME!! As I read Ist Class Noticer, I realized that I was a noticer! (maybe not 1st class, but a noticer) I wrote this in my journal this am, so when I read Tags blog this am from yesterday, I said to him “those are the EXACT words I said in my journal! Now if you havent read 1st class noticer yet, you gotta read it ASAP!! I am telling you God is answering prayer right and left. I think we fail to give Him the Glory because we get so “busy” with “busy” we fail to see our Masters Hand at work! We fail to even remember that we prayed that prayer, and then when see a good thing happen, we think “thats crazy” well, its not crazy at all…Its God doing His thing,its Him being faithful, doing what He said He would do. Its us NOT NOTICING and failing to give God the Glory! I am telling you, I am looking back and noticing what I have prayed for, it is incredible what God has done/doing! Be a 1st class noticer…I believe the more we notice and give Him all the Glory, the more we will see miracles happen! Pray and believe like your life depends on it! My life does….

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