God Sized Dreams

Guilty as charged!! Im not a big enough dreamer!! Unlike Tag, everytime I read another day in the my Prayer Challenge book, my thoughts go immediately to Tag and his dreams. THEY ARE HUGE!! Always have been!! The only difference between now and BDTC (before Draw the Circle) is now we KNOW how to succeed to make those dreams come true. PRAY CIRCLES!!!! This challenge has changed my life knowing that God has already answered my prayers… Its up to me to have faith enough to walk in the answer that is already there. I am a newbie in the “dream big” department (not for my kids) but for me..not sure why, but anyways, Tag says if your dream is to easy to achieve, then your dream isnt a “God Sized Dream”! I want our home not only to be a “home of dreams” but to be a “Home of Dreams Achieved”! I dont want to settle for ‘good ideas”anymore,  I want “God Ideas” the kind that is going to change lives! Lets begin, when we pray, to take our thoughts captive and pray and dream like our lives depended on it!

One thought on “God Sized Dreams

  1. The dream you’ve been pursuing is our biggest and best dream… Getting in God’s presence! In His presence, we can gain vision, understand what He is doing and wants us to do, and Hear His Word. Then the results are His responsiblity and ours is just to put one foot in faith in front of the other.

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