One day, I will need to encourage Pastor Mark to write a daily devotional book on “Batterisms”.  My friend and mentor, Dr. Edwin Louis Cole also spoke a wealth of “Coleisms” that eventually became a mini-book.  like, “the man who knows ‘how’ will always be the servant of the man who knows ‘why’.”, or “a ton of prayer will not produce what an ounce of obedience will.” and my favorite: “Manhood and Christlikeness are Synonymous!

Batterism:  “It’s only when business as usual goes out of business that we’re in business –  the Father’s business”  (= don’t just pray about it, act on it!)

Batterism: “Maybe our normal is so  subnormal that normal seems abnormal” (= God never intended for us to be “regular people”, His aspirations for us are higher than our own!)

Batterism: “If we do the little things like they are big things, then God will do the big things like they are little things”  (= be cognizant of the resulting miracle of a harvest of fruit when you bury a tiny seed and pour water on it each day)

Batterism: “if you meet with God, God will make sure you meet the right people at the right time” (= pray, hear God, leave the results to Him)

Batterism: “if you pray to God regularly, irregular things will happen on a regular basis” (= secret to abundance in any relationship is time invested in the one you love)  In other words, IF YOU WANT TO WALK IN THE MIRACULOUS, PLANT YOURSELF NEXT TO THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN AND KEEP IN STRIDE!!


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