God-given, God-sized Dreams

Wow! could spend 40 days meditating on just the richness of today’s revelation!

“PRAYER is the difference between the best we can do and the best God can do”  Mark Batterson – Draw The Circle

That difference is Gianormous!!

Edwin Louis Cole taught me that God does every thing He does for a purpose, based on a principle, and according to a pattern!  Prov 25:2 is a key for discovering those. I am determined to stay in God’s presence and search out God’s purposes, His principles, and His patterns. To quit trying to rely on my good ideas and get the God-ideas for my family, my businesses, my life.

Our God is so much bigger and so much greater than anything we face… or ever will.

This is a photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  It is estimated there may be as many as 1500 galaxies (not stars) in this photo each with between 1 billion and 100 billion stars.

This is an illustration of how big the portion of sky is in the top photo.

Our biggest problem is our small view of God.Until we get a conviction deep in our spirit that God’s grace, knowlege, and power has absolutely no limits, we will draw prayer circles too small. Can you even imagine the size of this Universe God created or how much raw power is contained in the stars of just this photo???

Once you try to get your brain around that concept, it is my hope that you will revise your Dreams and we will start praying some big… HUGE prayer circles in this family.

Dr. Eugene Eby was head of a scientific team at General Electric in the early 20th century.  His team struggled for months on end to solve a problem that would allow vast amounts of electricity to be conducted… superconducted, but without a viable solution.  Long story short, he called for a 1 month sabatical for his team to rest & regain perspective.  He just said he wanted a report from each on how they spent their vacation upon their return.  But he spent that month in prayer.  Upon their return, God revealed what they were searching for to Gene Eby in a 3000 year old pot that one of his team members brought back from Egypt.  This led to a patent that allowed places like Hoover Dam to safely deliver electricity to homes like ours and a bushing that you would recognize on most transformer stations you would see like the one at McLain & Harwood by our old home.

You each know me and know that there is hardly anything within my power to provide that I wouldn’t give to you if you asked because you know that I love you.  Now, understand that God’s love for you is so deep and so strong that they coudln’t dig it out of Him with scourges, nails, or spears!

One thought on “God-given, God-sized Dreams

  1. How BIG is God?? Sometimes it is completely overwhelming, especially when you look at our Universe! The moon, the stars, planets…one wouldnt exist without the other, that applies to everything in our lives.Believing that God actually put each star in place with HIS hand, its faith! Life is a faith walk. Dreams, prayers answered, it is all about faith. I TImothy 1:19 says, Cling tightly to your faith in Christ…cling tightly, believe that your prayer (s) that are circled, are answered. Just think, what if Dr. Eby wouldnt have acted upon his GOD SIZED dream? God is ready to act on our behalf! Just think, God is jumping up and down shouting”WOOOHOOO they finally got it!!!”

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