“As If !”

We just redeemed this phrase from a sarcastic put down to an expression of God-pleasing FAITH.

It’s time to take God at His Word and not just pray about our dreams, but act “as if” God is going to deliver on His promises.  It is God-honoring when we act as if He is going to answer our prayers… Flash! He is going to answer every one of the circles we pray!!  His answer may be “No” or “Not Yet” instead of “Yes”, but He is just waiting for us to finally ASK and I can promise you He will answer in one of these ways.

Don’t get discouraged or feel like you are missing God’s will if the answer is something other than “Yes”.  Never forget He has a plan for you and it is a GOOD one.  So, if He answers with No or Not Yet, it doesn’t mean you have missed Him, it just means He is adding His direction to our dreams… so REJOICE in a NO.  Just watch for His Best to take the place of what you have been circling in prayer and Keep On Asking, Seeking, and Knocking.  God won’t answer 100% of the prayers you don’t pray.

I have already started acting as if God is going to answer my prayers about CHC, Elan, and MRS.  I am working like it depends on me and praying like it depends on God.

These are dreams so grand in scale that they (and I) are destined to fail without Divine Intervention.  So, if God doesn’t do it, it ain’t happening!  And I will look pretty foolish.  I’m OK with that.

Then, when they each come to fruition there is no way I can take any glory for them.  I will have no choice but to say, “if this depended on my ability, knowledge, and talent, nothing would have happened! I’ve always been a big dreamer, but on the average very few of my dreams actually have become reality… so there is no other explanation than I was obedient and stepped into the water and our God has done everything else!”  Partnership with God is like that.  It’s a 1:99 kind of deal.  My part is about 1% and God’s is responsible for the other 99%  but the benefits are 90:10 because He only requires a 10th of the increase.  (that’s a minimum, as most of you know, we went over 10% several years ago and will continue until we are able to live off the 10% and give the 90%).

But 2013 is the year we stop just surviving and begin thriving.  Putting God and His Kingdom 1st in every aspect of our business and personal lives and acting as if He is going to be faithful to Malachi 3:10 and pour out what He has promised.  So, we are starting to put the things in place and planning just as if the out pouring has begun.

Each of you click this and read Deuteronomy 28:1-2.  That is our promise to circle for 2013.  Then read the next 12 verses to see what that actually means.

Put your best Running Rain Boots on, cuz we aren’t going to be able to outrun God’s promise here and the rain of His blessing and favor are about to drench us!


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