I am not a fan of halftime.  I don’t like being on hold.  I prefer to use self check out instead of the express lane – but I am a firm believer that there should be a qualification process in order to utilize the self-check out lane.  I got in the habit of doing my own letters even when I had administrative assistants because I could type (or keyboard for you under 40 crowd) faster than almost every assistant I every had except Sharon Pate.

While I love highlights shown during halftime because they appeal to my bottom-line nature, there is always a dissatisfaction in me while the game I am watching is on hold… especially if my team is behind.  I am a staunch supporter of the mentality that the most insignificant statistic in life is the score at halftime.  Roger Staubach, “Captain Comeback”, will always be one of my favortie people.  Not only because of his ability on the field but because of his stand for Christ on & off the field.  The half hour Tami and I spent with him talking about our families at a conference in Nevada will remain a high point for my life.  But No. 12 never let the score at halftime or the score with 2 minutes left in the game for that matter dishearten him.  In fact, it was almost as if he allowed the odds to get stacked against him so his particular expertise could be put in play.

This is day 20 of our 40 day challenge.  It’s halftime and God has put a holy thumb in my back this morning.

God doesn’t care whether I have the capital for the dream.  He doesn’t care if I have the websites in place yet or the agreements or whether the plan is laid out.  He only cares about whether I am willing to take a step in obedience and then another and another.  Just like the lepers that were healed “as they went”, God will make provision as I walk towards the vision… not before.  Otherwise, there is no faith required.  And without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6).  You can’t earnestly seek Him sitting still.  God wants me daily dependent on Him.  Not relying on the revelaton, but the Revealer.

So, today… every day ask:

1. What can I do today that will be one more step into the calling?

2. What can I do in the next hour to create momentum toward the dream?

Nothing overcomes doubt and discouragement like action.  Any action in the right direction.  That begins momentum and as any fan of athletic competition can tell you, nothing is more powerful, more compelling, and more inexplicable than momentum.

God responds to obedience.  His eye is looking to & fro throughout the Earth to see who he can strongly support… and that person is the one who will start walking without having to know where God is leading him. (II Chron 16:9) (Hebrews 11:8)

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