The worst thing that I can imagine happening is that we complete this 40 day family prayer challenge unchanged

I am different. Being changed every morning by a face-to-face encounter with Jesus and hearing from God.  He is changing everything around me.  How I look at myself.  How I partner with my wife. How I lead my children. How I honor my mother. How I run my businesses… or rather how He is re-doing everything about the businesses He has entrusted me to steward.

What does a real estate brokerage and a property management company look like that Jesus owns??

We know many things about the last 3 years of Jesus’ life, but His ministry began as a little boy in the temple.  What we don’t see is the fact that He grew up in a carpenter’s home, He inherited a carpentry business.  He had clients and commissions, He encountered problems and challenges that needed creative solutions, He had to market, and design, and manage, and build, and warranty and everything a business requires.  So, my prayer that He reveal to me just what a Brokerage and Management Company would look like if He had owned them.

His heart is for PEOPLE.  So everything I do, engage in, relate to needs to be about leading people to Him.  Forget about the profits.  Plant the seeds…. water them… but quit trying to manufacture the results because only God can give the increase.  He knows I need to provide for a family, He knows that we need to save, and invest, and pay our tithe and He knows how much we want to GIVE to the Kingdom and He knows that He is calling me to do something that not only can I not fund it, I can’t even finance the first step of it.  I have prepared myself intellectually, educationally, and obediently I have to take the first step and TRUST Him to provide the means for step 2, and 3, and beyond.  God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

We are going to change the way real estate is done.  We are all about establishing homes, not just selling and leasing houses.  Like Abraham, I am starting the journey not knowing where it will lead me, but if it is really His vision, then He is responsible for the provision and the results.  My responsibility is to start walking.  I have no fear of failure, I am not discouraged, I am not in doubt.  When I stepped down as CEO, it is no longer my reputation on the line, but God’s.

He has revealed to me several things to start doing, but I have no idea what this thing looks like yet.  World, GET READY! Something is coming your way that I cannot even imagine.

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