Vision and Provision

As Pastor Robert says in From Dream to Destiny, “God’s thoughts for you are higher than your thoughts.  His plans for you are better than your plans.  He has a dream for you, and it is better than your dream.  He has a destiny in mind for you, and it is not only bigger than you currently imagine, it also is bigger than you can ever imagine.  You can’t dream a bigger dream than God can dream!

Family, if the dream you have in your heart for yourself is not bigger than you are, bigger than the resources you think are available to you, and are not so big you are reluctant to share it with someone else for fear that they might chuckle to themselves… maybe not to your face, but silently…, then IT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!

I’m putting a godly, prophetic, challenge before you, loved ones.  Sit down before the sun goes down tomorrow… it’s Sunday and the babies are away, so you have the time… and write out your dream.  First, Ask God to give you a revelation about what HIS dream is for you.  What does it look like? What do you look like walking in it?  Then get quiet before Him and listen.  Then WRITE IT DOWN!

There will be a test!

First you think it, then you ink it.  A dream is not a goal until it is written down!  First God will you give you the vision then He will make the provision!  You need a vision that is beyond your resources or else you can take part of the glory for them when they are realized.  Don’t worry about how you get there from here, we will talk about that.  As you heard Pastor Mark share in today’s Draw the Circle, God can accomplish more in one day than you can accomplish in a lifetime.

You read his story about how God, in one day, can provide more than someone has accumulated in a lifetime.  $3 million in one day is more than most of the people you and I know have been able to accumulate over their entire lives.  But that is no big deal for our God.

Then we will pray circles around these dreams and start wading into the river and just watch what our God does.

Caution: do not start talking about what God has done “through you”.  God will not share his glory with anyone.  Just turn every blessing back to praise for Him alone.

When someone comments on your success and prosperity, just respond, “thank you, but you know, I could not have accomplished one thing without God!”


3 thoughts on “Vision and Provision

  1. Im trusting that God is bigger than anything I could ever imagine, and trusting that he will be faithful to walk with me into my destiny. I am asking that His extra will come into my ordinary and his super will invade my ordinary.

    • AMEN! That is a prayer God loves to hear. Father, as you revealed to me, lead Tori into her destiny in You. Don’t let the traffic directing You do in her life discourage her, but rather encourage her that You are deeply involved in her life and are directing each of her steps. Let Your blessings come upon her and overtake her.

    • Whew!!! Amen and Amen!! Tori, God has ordained your steps…He knows your heart and your desires. He has answered your prayer, whether it be yes, no or not yet…He has your “greatest” design in mind! Because you have been faithful, His blessings will begin to overwhelm you like you could never imagine. Your fruit of your harvest will be great, because you have sought God in your decisions! His blessings are a treasure!!

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