Turn from Pathetic into Prophetic

The more we pray, the more prophetic we will become, the less we pray, the more pathetic we will become.  Batterism

Buzz Williams, basketball coach for Marquette, gets it!  He is coaching the way Jesus would coach if Jesus was a basketball coach.  He’s not just interested in how his kids perform on the court, he invests in their eternity.

I’m writing the book, or rather stumbing along in an unchartered wilderness, on being a real estate broker and property management company owner the way Jesus would if he were a broker.  It’s not easy and I don’t feel up to the task almost every morning.  But I’ve started asking myself every morning when I enter my office, “What can I do today to take one more step into this vision?” and then, “What can I do right now that will start momentum into that step?”

Prophecy is not so much predicitng the future as it is creating the future!

In our home, we teasingly, but sincerely refer to Tami as the “glass half full”.  Doesn’t matter what is going on, she has a God-given ability to find the positive, to find God’s hand working.  In fact, I say she’s the glass half full and filling fast!  For the past year I have been focusing on being like her.  I’m too quick to notice (and comment about) the negative, the lack of responsibility, the fail.  There can be 90% great work, and I will point out how we fell short of perfection in the 10%.  I used to think that was godly.  Doesn’t the bible say, “Be perfect, even as Your Heavenly Father is perfect”?

But what I didn’t get into my spirit is that Jesus was speaking to our “position” with God not our performance.  Our best efforts are “like dirty rags” compared to the Holy One, but He chooses not to see us that way when we are in right relationship with Christ, He only sees what good we are doing.  Correction and Discipline come as Conviction in our spirit that wells up desire to please our God.

Celebrate what you want to see more of.  Don’t worry so much about what falls short.  We all respond to encouragement, praise, and admonition… even a puppy.

One thought on “Turn from Pathetic into Prophetic

  1. As I read this morning, A Prophetic Voice, the movie, The Help, quickly came to my mind. The “maid lady” who would take care, encourage and love the chubby little girl. When her momma would be ugly to her and make her cry, the maid lady would say these words to the little girl ” you is kind, you is smart, you is important”. Arent we all longing to hear those words? I believe that what is spoken over you is eventually what you become, if you hear it enough, positive or negative! My family teases me, as Tag said, as always looking at the glass half full. I guess I didnt realize it until he pointed it out to menow that he has, I catch myself every now and then telling the kids or Mimi ” well, it could be worse” : – ) I believe God gave us ALL gifts, very special gifts, maybe we havent quite figured out what they are yet, but One gift that we ALL have is the gift of Prophecy..its the words and things we speak over our friends and loved ones. I want to use my gift to speak life, encouragement, truth, and joy. Wont you join me today in using “your gift”? I guarantee you, if you do, your day will be much brighter! Who knows, it just might change someones outlook on life! Be blessed today!!!

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